My Story

Bonjour and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me today! My name is Hanane and I have to confess that baking has always been my secret love. But before to tell you more about it, I would like to take you a little bit back in time, so you understand my journey...

After finalising my master in banking and finance in Saint-Etienne, near Lyon, in France, I decided to stop in that field as I could feel it was the totally wrong direction for me.

Being married to my French husband, it made me realise how many things I like about my adoptive country!... La French culture and l'art de vivre, French flair and le savoir-faire... Aaaaah la France and its intricate language!

Le Francais, oui, le Francais!...  The idea pop up to set up my own language company, for kids (having three of my own, I thought I could do it ... Working with kids was my thing!) ... Et voila,  La Petite Coccinelle was born! 

In parallel, in my spare time, I would bake various cakes and macarons for my family and friends... Seeing how happy they were while eating my creations would sincerely warm my heart... So I decided to go on a special course for "macarons" in Paris, at Les Savoirs du Palais.

I consolidated my macarons techniques with other talented chefs in France and in the UK... It took many hours of intense baking and sleepless nights to achieve the perfect macarons recipe!

I originally thought I would continue to do baking 'mainly for fun' but then one day, while having tea with my girlfriends in the garden, I served them my mini Paris-Brest cakes. After eating them, they said there was no way I would not bake 'more seriously' Eh oui... This is how my family and friends encouraged me to slowly set up my own business... Colourful Bites was set up! 

To quote the lovely Mary Berry, "baking is both physical and mental therapy" for me so I am very blessed to see my business expand day after day thanks to all my lovely customers.

I had no idea how many wonderful and supportive people I would be fortunate to meet through my experience.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours.

A bientot,

Macaronly yours,

Hanane x